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BLOG: Full Moon Energy

Full Moon, Weask, Buddha's birthday, releasing, clearing

Full Moon Waves

In honor of this very special full moon, we wanted to share some information about how to harness this great clearing and releasing energy! The full moon is an excellent time to release anything that no longer serves you, whether it is a feeling, a belief, a person or situation. You can call upon this energy to help you release the old and prepare to draw in those things that can serve and enrich your life to its fullest. The saying “out with the old” is a good description of the full moon energy.

This particular full moon is special, as it is known as the “Vesak” or Weask Moon. This full moon, occurring in the month of May, is celebrated as the Buddha’s birthday, a time of recognizing his death and his enlightenment. Enlightenment is the transcendence of desire and suffering. It is the blessed state of nirvana! So, in your meditation, this may be a good time to call upon your enlightenment, as a way to surrender attachments to particular outcomes and simply “be” in peace (if only for five minutes). Whatever you choose to ask for the full moon is a powerful time to cleanse and invigorate. It’s also a wonderful experience to sit or lie and let the moon’s rays wash over you!

Why do we care about the moon’s energy and its cycles?

For thousands of years, the moon and her phases have played key roles in farming, sailing, spirituality, human nature, astrology, etc. There are so many avenues one can take when discussing and writing about the moon. In this blog we will explore the different ways which one can celebrate the phases of the moon in a fun, practical way.


When the moon is full, the sun shines its light upon the backside of the moon, which is why the moon is very bright and glowing in the sky. The shadow side of the moon is not seen during the full moon, which contributes to the mystery of the moon’s “light and dark” sides.  The full moon is an excellent opportunity to bring your awareness to what needs to be released in your life. It can be letting go of behaviors, habits, outdated thought processes, beliefs or actions. This is a good time to clear out old, stale energy in your life and let go!

Full Moon rituals may include writing a letter or a list of everything you want to let go of and clear out of your life. What is CLEARLY NOT working anymore? What could you let go of? Is there anything that feels like it is holding you back? What would you like to change?

After you have completed your list, you can tear it up, flush it down the toilet, or burn it, whatever feels right to you, but make sure it is safe, environmentally friendly and a symbolic gesture that represents releasing and letting go. If you have crystals in your possession, a full moon is a great time to “clear” the energy of your crystals under the moonlight. If you can safely leave your crystals outside under the moonlight that is best. Otherwise, just say a prayer and ask for your crystals to be cleared.

It’s also good to take note of or journal about how the moon phases affect you. Do you become tired and withdrawn during the full moon or do you become enlivened and extrovert during this phase? The moon phases pull and push the earth and its inhabitants. Where does she pull you? We would like to leave you with some Full Moon affirmations, courtesy of Louise Hay and MYA!

“I give myself permission to change. I create a new life with new rules that totally support me. I am ready to change!” – Louise Hay

“The past is over. I choose to love and approve of myself now.” – Louise Hay

“I easily and comfortably release that which I no longer need in my life. I give it over to God/universe/the light/Jesus/Buddha, the Divine, etc…” – Louise Hay

“I forgive myself. In this moment, I am living my life in the best way I know how.” – Louise Hay

“I let go of all judgment towards me. I love me and I am grateful for all the gifts that I bring to this world each and every day.” -Mawu Yoga Angels (MYA)

Say these affirmations to yourself, write them down, post them around your house (or office) and repeat them often. Then, watch what no longer serves you, fall away! Drop us a line in the comment section below to tell us how the Full Moon influences your life or what you release and how. We hope you have a wonderful FULL MOON experience :)

Coming soon…MYA Full Moon Kits!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Robyn & Keme
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